Maricopa Quilt Company

Gypsy Bandana
Pillow panel
One piece measures 19"x20"

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Ref # panel3      $6.35 ea         Quantity:  

Wilmington Prints: Wilderness Park
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Ref # panel4      $8.50 ea         Quantity:  

Let's Play
Benartex vintage children playing with toys

Ref # panel5      $5.99 ea         Quantity:  

Windham Fabrics: Wahington's Legacy
Six squares features President Washington
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Ref # panel9      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

Moda: Full Circle
by Kathy Schmitz
Pattern #6011

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Ref # panel14      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

Marshall Dry Goods Pattern #003 4 panels of brightly colored rosters

Ref # panel19      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

Whitetail Valley
Exclusively Quilters deer head close-up

Ref # panel26      $6.20 ea         Quantity:  

Civil War VII ca 1865
Features Grant and the General's Army Potomac
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Ref # panel29      $4.95 ea         Quantity:  

Winter Woodlands
Exclusively Quilters winter scenes of moose bear deer wolf

Ref # panel30      $6.20 ea         Quantity:  

Autumn in the Air
Wilmington Prints turkeys near a railroad and a farm

Ref # panel33      $6.20 ea         Quantity:  

Giordano Studios Safari background giraffes elephant monkey

Ref # panel36      $6.20 ea         Quantity:  

This panel by Wilmington Prints has a vintage feel to it.
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Ref # panel39      $7.75 ea         Quantity:  

Full Circle
Pattern #6010
This panel has the pictures, while panel 14 has the letters

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Ref # panel40      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

Ranchero II
Avlyn cowboy items hat boots
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Ref # panel42      $5.99 ea         Quantity:  

Cowboy Events
bucking horse saddle bronc calf roping
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Ref # panel44      $5.99 ea         Quantity:  

Herding Cows Wall Hanging
cowboy herding Hereford cattle rancher working cattle
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Ref # panel45      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

Herding Cattle Pillow Panel
4 panels of rancher herding Hereford cattle
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Ref # panel46      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

Rawhide Wall Hanging
Cowboy riding a bucking horse in a corral
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Ref # panel49      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

French Country
brightly colored roosters with country background

Ref # panel50      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Indian and Buffalo Pillow Panel
Indian scenes with buffalo and horse
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Ref # panel51      $5.99 ea         Quantity:  

Indian's Eagle Pillow Panel
Indian face and flying eagle on striped background
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Ref # panel52      $6.99 ea         Quantity:  

Flying Eagles Pillow Panel
4 panels of same flying eagle
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Ref # panel54      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Indian woman Pillow Panel
2 panels Indian woman/2 panels wild horses
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Ref # panel55      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Wild Indian Wall Hanging
mural of Indian life and artifacts with wild horses in the background
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Ref # panel56      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Medicine Man Wall Hanging
Indian medicine man with Indian chief and buffalo
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Ref # panel57      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

Indian Nickle Wall Hanging
Indian chief with Indian head nickle mural
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Ref # panel59      $7.99 ea         Quantity:  

King of the Ranch
This panel by Moda has different pictures of cowboys roping or riding a horse
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Ref # panel60      $6.85 ea         Quantity:  

American Heroes
This panel shows different pictures of servicemen.
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Ref # panel61      $7.50 panel         Quantity:  

Small Lowercase Alphabet
Lowercase alphabet letters, four of each
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Ref # panel64      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

Fun Flowers Panel
A cute and bright panel by Lakehouse Dry Goods with colorful flowers.
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Ref # panel66      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

By Graphic 45 for Wilmington Prints
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Ref # panel67      $6.85 ea         Quantity:  

Everyday Dress
Americana doll dress pattern
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Ref # panel71      $9.35 ea         Quantity:  

Sunday Dress
Americana Doll Collection Sunday dress pattern
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Ref # panel72      $9.35 ea         Quantity:  

Winter Whispers: Rabbit & Forest
Wilmington Prints Multi
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Ref # panel81      $6.10 ea         Quantity:  

Exclusively Quilters: Bear Mountain Panel

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Ref # panel85      $6.35 ea         Quantity:  

RJR: Everythiing but the Kitchen Sink Panel

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Ref # panel94      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

Benartex: Floral Fancies Panel
A cute panel by Benartex with colorful flowers.
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Ref # panel106      $6.85 ea         Quantity:  

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